The George Allan Tribute Page (his work in film and tv):

- George's first outing in TV land was an advert for Nestle Quick chocolate drink. He was a Magician in this (approx 11-12 years old).

- This was followed by a number of assorted adverts for various commercials--Kool Aid being one.

- He was then involved in a black & white TV show with a white haired professor but the name escapes him.

- Next was The Time of Your Life with Peter Kastner every Sunday for a couple of years.

- The Boy King was a lead roll for Bill Davidson with Larry Mann.

- Uncle Vanya and an assortment of CBC productions.

- Then came the big break- series 2 & 3 for the Forest Rangers in 1964 (32 episodes from 41-104) playing Ted Keeley.

- After which came loads of radio and assorted film roles including "My Side of the Mountain" shot in Knowlton, Quebec.

- Adventures in Rainbow Country in 1969.

- And again more commercials and another big break- John Lennon came to Toronto with the Plastic Ono Band. George was working on an advert for a fuel company (ie shell for petrol for cars) and did both the English and French versions.

- One of his fondest memories was for a short film he did for a Leonard Cohen song  "That's no way to say Good bye".

- Also for a number of years there was a very large photo of his face hanging in the Science and Technology Centre.

- And the biker role with Syme Jago called "A Very Special Pair of Shoes" on CBC.

- That is brief history of his young career up to 1969/70 when he left Canada for Greece and joined a rock band, due to his Greek connection (his mother was Greek which explains the black hair).

PHOTOS BELOW are from "A Very Special Pair of Shoes" and "The Forest Rangers"