This is the exact spot where the fort once stood until 1978. In 1979 the film "Riel" was shot here and a Fort Garry set replaced the kid's fort.

Indian River and Joe Two Rivers' cabin were located in this field. The Circle M barn is off in the distance.

This is where the pond was before it was filled back in. Aggie's marina stood at the top of the river to the right, but was demolished in the mid-1970s.

To the right side of this photo is the famous river enbankment. They filmed many river shots at this very point (not only on the show but also quite a few movies too).

This is located directly across the Humber River from where Joe's cabin stood and I bet this may just be his dock, which would have been pulled up and left to rot in the bush. It's amazing that it hasn't fully rotted into the ground after 40 some years of neglect.

To the left up this small hill was where the trapper's shack was located. Birch trees don't live long lives, but this one hasn't changed much since 1963 when it 1st appeared in the episode "The Hero".

This is the rapids on the Madawaska River at Whitney that Joe Two Rivers and Mr. Harleybone run. Joe flipped his canoe just below this point and had to swim in the icy autumn waters (when the water level was much higher).

This is where the crew built Pike Fire Tower in 1963. It overlooked the fort from on the top of the Humber Valley. The cupola actually sat right on top of the cemented base here about one foot off of the ground.

This is Mary Lake at King City on the site of the monastery there. Joe fished for trout here without the use of a fishing rod. Instead he used fishing line and his bare hands.

In the spring of 2003 while walking on the lot in the area where I suspected that McLeod's cabin once stood, low-and-behold this is what I found rotting in the ground- yep it's McLeod's shack. What a find eh?? The cabin was last used on film in 1979 when an episode of the CBC tv show Matt and Jenny was shot at this exact spot.

After the reunion, Mike Macdonald, Dale Tober (photographer) and myself went over to the studio lot. When walking back behind the big barn, Mike says to me, "What is that?" I looked down to the ground and was amazed at what he had found. This was the very fake rock the show's crew built as a prop and used in the episodes "The River" and "The Adventurer". The rock was used to give the Humber River a Canadian Shield look. Check those episodes for the proof. In one scene it rolled down a hill and killed Piccard.

All photos were taken between 2001 and 2004. To see the artwork by Mike Del Rizzo of how the studio lot looked in the 1960's click here. Back to Main Page.