Eric Cryderman Tribute Page

Eric Cryderman played the Pike Fire Tower operator Matt Craig on "The Forest Rangers." He is survived by his only daughter Constance, who supplied these photos.

According to Connie, "My father was a jack-of-all-trades and a master of none," for he did many jobs as well as acting. He got into acting quite by accident. They were filming "The Last of the Mohicans" tv series also at Kleinburg and they needed actors who could ride horseback. This was right up his alley as he broke horses up at his Palgrave farm. He actually didn't land a role on this show but was introduced to other roles of the same vein. Prior to being cast for 'The Forest Rangers' he had performed in over 100 roles, mostly with the CBC from 1958 onwards.

As well as being an actor and farmer, he also bred Dalmations and was once the Canadian Amateur Heavyweight Boxing Champion. Would you believe this ex- Forest Ranger actually was involved in a bout with legendary Heavyweight Champion Joe Louis in 1933. He lost the fight but was proud to have had the chance to fight such a splendid fighter. His proudest moment came however in 1982 when he was inducted into the Canadian Boxing Hall of Fame.