Ralph Endersby (born June 26, 1950, Toronto, Ont.)- He continued in the business and appeared in early 70's movies like "My Side of the Mountain", "Rip-off", and "Homer." He produced a CBC movie in 1989 called "The Challengers." Once he and Syme had partial rights to the show in the 80's and there were plans to do a new "Return to Indian River." Unfortunately the plans fell through; although it sounds like a great idea still and why not since there is a new "Degrassi." Any producers out there looking for a new idea for a show??? He also shot a TV pilot designed to promote children's health.

Rex Hagon (born 1947, Toronto)- He also continued on screen but mostly on tv through the 70's on "The Polka Dot Door" and later movies in the 80's such as "Short Circuit 2." He has done fundraising appearances. He, Ralph, and Susan had a reunion of sorts in 1985 on CBC Radio where they chatted about their present lives and their past on the show. Now he runs a business for media training.

Susan Conway (born Oct. 13, 1952, Toronto)- She continued until it was time to settle down and raise a family. She appeared in "Rainbow Country" and "Rip-off" with Ralph and is presently attending York University. To see a picture of her today check out the "Return to Oz" website here.

Michael Zenon (born June 29, 1934, Ukraine)- He went right into the directing business which he continues to this day. His son Greg has followed in his footsteps in the directing field. To learn the detailed story of his life go here.

Graydon Gould (born 1937)- He was the original voice of Mike Mercury from the tv show "Supercar" in 1961. After he left 'The Forest Rangers' he went to Hollywood to pursue his career. His television appearances include "Matlock" and his most recent big screen role was as Dana's dad from the film "Deja Vu" in 1998 which starred Vanessa Redgrave. Recently in England, a cult tv convention was held where Graydon showed up and signed autographs and did an interview about his 1960's years.

Syme Jago (born Oct. 1953, Toronto)- She stayed in tv until she was 18 and then moved to the stage and toured Europe extensively. She did production in Canada and became Director of Production for the Skydome in it's early years. She lived in the U.S. and Hong Kong while working in Pyrotechnic Special Effects and the Rock'n'Roll Industry. Recently, she has retired, but helps out in the Canadian Special Olympics Foundation.

Gordon Pinsent (born 1930, Nfld.)- It seems that Gordon hasn't disappeared from the screen in over 40 years. Yes he was a mountie on "The Forest Rangers" and yes he is a mountie on today's "Due South." His role as 'Hap Shaughnessy' on "The Red Green Show" is also a big hit with fans.

Peter Tully (born 1950) - For two years I wondered what became of him (after I had completed this site). I was correct to assume he had returned to Ireland with his family (right after he left the show in fact). Peter then found my site by chance and thankfully signed the guestbook. He is very much alive and lives in Dublin where he lectures on Electronic Engineering. He was once working with the European Space Agency. We are all so glad you are doing well!

George Allan (born 1950)- Before he become a junior ranger he was a gold medal winning tap dancer. For 9 yrs I wondered and searched for his whereabouts. On June 5/09 he finally found me. He has been living in the UK since 1971 and is married with 3 daughters- 1 son 3 grandchildren and 2 step daughters. He says, "Life has been pretty good to me so far but I still remember my days as a Forest Ranger and it is surprising how many Europeans still remember the series being on television. I have friends in Germany who remember the show as well as people from France and Greece." Here is a link to the George Allan Tribute Page with the listing of his work done in Canada on film and tv.

Ronald Jesse Cohoon (born Nov. 1950)- He became a film production member.

Matthew Ferguson- Lives in Scotland where he does motivational speaking.

Simon Tully- He is a real estate agent in Spain.

Michael Tully- He lives in Scotland and is doing well.

Kenneth Ponzo- Became a high school teacher in Kingston.

Barbara Hamilton
(1931-1997), Joe Austin (1916-1989?), Eric Clavering (1901- Jun.10,1989), and Rolland Bedard (1913-1987)- have all unfortunately passed away. Eric took part in WW1 and Mr. Bedard actually played the French Canadian Maytag man in commercials in the 1980's. Eric Cryderman (May 3, 1911-Dec.17, 1984).

The "FOREST RANGERS" 40th Anniversary Reunion Picnic was- as Mr. Wellington Harleybone would have put it- SMASHING!!! 
Rex Hagon, Susan Conway, Syme Jago, Ralph and Clive Endersby, Jesse (Ron) Cohoon, Peter Tully, Tom Harvey, Gary Flanagan, Vernon Chapman, Eric Wrate and Tyler Zenon all attended graciously. Michael Zenon, Stephen Barringer, Gordon Pinsent, Graydon Gould and Gino Marrocco also wanted to show up as well, but were unable due to other commitments. Click here to see the new Reunion Website.

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