"The Forest Rangers Reunion" Fan Guest List

1- Robert Eno and Mary Eno
2- Glenn Wellspring and friend
3- David Gibb and son
4- Mike MacDonald and family
5- Mike Del Rizzo and family
6- R J Falconi and Robert Stewart
7- Gerry Neilands
8- Chris Charland and guest
9- Gerald Beauvais and guest
10- Dale Tober and guest
11- Tyler Zenon and family
12- Gregg Bartlett and guest
13- Iain Stewart and family
14- Mark Smith and guest
15- Gus Morrison and guest
16- Chris Boyer and family
17- Kirk Chittick and Kelli Chittick
18- Tom Nourry and guest
19- Gord Jones, Pat Jones and Justin Jones
20- Peter Stewart, Madonna Stewart and Liz Stewart
21- Al Goodal and guest
22- Issie Goldenberg and guest
23- Yvonne D'Souza and Claudia D'Souza (reporter)
24- Rheal Dumoulin and guest
25- Eric Shapiro and Barry Zbar 
26- Thomas Lisicar and Sigrid Lisicar
27- Dave Menard, Dan Menard and Larry Menard
28- Jere Clarke and guest
29- Pietro Maviglia and guest
30- Mike Ciupa and guest

I want to thank all of those on the list who attended and made this day one of the highlites of my entire life. Below are photos of myself and Mike Del Rizzo (our artwork and sign creator). Check out his awesome artwork of the studio grounds at the bottom. The next shows some shots of me and Syme and Susan. More photos are available on the official
reunion site.

Below is Mike Del Rizzo's artwork which showcases how the studio looked in the 1960s.

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